Mission Creek Houseboats



Mission Creek is another San Francisco neighborhood that is rapidly changing. Development at the UCSF campus is currently juxtaposed with charming house boats mooring in the creek.

A sketch event in the area preceded the launch of our Urban Sketching workshop series yesterday. If you are still hesitant about signing up, now is the time to act. The workshops are filling up fast! For a reminder on the program click HERE. Feel free to get in touch for more information on content and sign up procedures.



See you soon,

-Oliver as visual flaneur

P.S.: You have probably noticed that I am very slow to add content to this blog. It just takes a lot of time to scan, edit images and write a post. For those of you looking for a more frequent fix, consider also following me on instagram (@hoelleroliver). The contents are not similar but overlap. Why not check it out?


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