Potrero Avenue

Potrero Ave150dpi

Recently I have been thinking a lot about ‘enough’. We live in a culture of ‘more-and-more’ and are never satisfied (think BLACK FRIDAY). While this fuels progress in some areas, I think it also contributes to a latent unhappiness. Striving for ‘enough’, rather than more, may be helpful. Once defined, ‘enough’ is a concrete destination, as opposed to the beast that is ‘more-and-more’.

As I draw this house on Potrero Avenue in San Francisco, that’s the kind of stuff that goes through my head. Random, but very welcome.


Oliver, your visual flaneur

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4 thoughts on “Potrero Avenue

  1. Amen, brother! “Enough” is a cool beer on a hot day with a great view from the balcony and good conversation… 😉

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