My book! No Road in No Road out – slowboating the Amazon


Today is book release day!  No Road In No Road Out- slowboating the Amazon describes an illustrated journey up the Amazon from Colombia into Peru.

On 40 pages (single sided) I show you places no road gets to and answer some pressing questions along the way. E.g. What do Gustave Eiffel and Che Guevara have in common? Where is the Venice of Peru?

You can get it on Amazon (fitting isn’t it :-)). Over the next week or two I will share pages from the book and some bonus material.  Get one for yourself, your mum and your friends -it’s good stuff!

Oliver, your visual flaneur

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6 thoughts on “My book! No Road in No Road out – slowboating the Amazon

  1. Congratulations! Book looks great. I ordered this morning and can¹t wait to enjoy leafing through your magical images.

    Cheers, George

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