beach wrap up

‘Why do we love the sea?

It is because it has some potent power to make us think things we like to think.’

~ Robert Henri

When I go on a trip I like to include a beach, and this is invariably where most of the trip’s drawing time will be spent. There just is the time.

But when I come back, I am hesitant to share those drawings. They don’t make much of a story and hence, are they worth your while? Will they make you scroll down?

I mean this set came out nicely and I encourage you send me an e-mail and ask to get one for your wall. But in case you are after light entertainment or insight, I added a sentence to each drawing to jazz it up. You are welcome.




This is in Santa Teresa, a beach in Costa Rica, where a guy insisted I be careful when surfing. He added impact to his advise when he showed me the shaven patch on his freshly stitched up head.




This shows Montezuma, another beach in Costa Rica. I don’t know who, but someone camped right there. You can admire my cunning ability of editing an image as I make it – I have left out the beautiful sea, but included this person’s trash.




Jaco, Costa Rica. People go there to party. In this picture, I have included half of the people I saw all morning. Must have been a slow day.




Big Corn Island, Nicaragua. Caribbean on the cheap. This combination makes it paradise.



Little Corn Island, Nicaragua. No streets or cars on the whole island. Imagine – if you grow up there, it may take you years until you see a car for the first time. Pretty much like Austrians and the sea.



Oliver, your visual flaneur

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