Vienna’s Central Cemetery

Half the size of Zurich and twice as much fun…

~ how Viennese refer to the Zentralfriedhof, according to Wikipedia

… and yet I had never been there. But on a recent visit to Austria I compensated and went there twice. How strongly the Austrian soul revealed itself in this environment! The drawings are annotated with bits of conversations overheard on the grounds. They may not translate well, but I did it anyway.




…the way he lay there, he made such a pleasant impression. Don’t you think?


Wouldn’t that be something?

(on the sign: This mausoleum is for purchase. Interested parties – report at the info-point of the cemetery…)




Barbara Hrdlicka. Ah, had he had married her ? Such an ugly grave.


Ah yes, Hilde… she is still to come…


Hans Kann. He’s the one we have been to the piano concert.

That’s where I have said – Let’s go once more, he is quite old already.

Oliver, your visual flaneur

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2 thoughts on “Vienna’s Central Cemetery

  1. I love the drawings/ paintings. The comments are referencing things I know nothing about but seem interesting a as such things fleetingly overheard would.

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  2. It’s one of the rare places that looks beautiful in all four seasons. Did you ever make your way to the St Marxer Friedhof near the Biocenter when you were there (all those moons ago!)?

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