What I learned while shopping produce in the Mission

Calvin: It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring!

~ Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes


I am happy.  I  finished a cherished project.  But now,  I am also nervous to share it with you today:


Mi Ranchito is the produce store in San Francisco’s Mission district where, once a week, I go to stock up on fruits and vegetables. There are tons of similar stores in the Mission. Every single one overflowing with papayas, mangoes, pineapples – you name it. They attract a colorful crowd of local patrons, and cultivate a latin american vibe. Over time I became friendly with Ali and Aysha, 2 workers at Mi Ranchito. They shared some stories about business and I started drawing a little in their shop and all was good until ambition crept in.


I couldn’t get rid of the idea of assembling these experiences into something tangible. It didn’t take long to decided to attempt a multi-page visual reportage with some narrative for good measure. But converting this decision and all the accumulated snipplets into something resembling a story requires planning and perseverance. In short: work. A boost of  enthusiasm fueled the start, but then … Time passed, and this project lay dormant yet far from finished.

Over Christmas now, my enthusiasm for it relighted  and I completed it. The inner critic hasn’t stopped suggesting improvements and fussing about this and that. But right now, I am just happy for what it is:


My first visual reportage booklet/zine for you to download!


16 page story, filled with images drawn on site or painted from reference. A little text (mostly quotes) that  holds them all together. All for an amount of your choosing – click on the cover for more.




Over the next couple of posts I will share some the inside spreads.


Keep exploring your world,

Oliver, your visual flaneur


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