…where I eat a watermelon at the pool


I know, I know – it’s been a while.

Should I be all apologetic? Maybe.

Will I? Not really.


I guess we both had things to do. Admit it. Besides other things I happened to draw a bit, and some visual notes will find their way onto this platform. I promise.


Now, more from my trip to Austria a while back:

In Vienna I enjoyed a day at a public swimming pool where I found time to draw some locals folks.




I find watermelon to be a quintessential summer companion. This juicy slice was perfect for my day at the pool! And as I sunk my teeth into the wedge, the lady’s reflections on her position in the universe did not fail to entertain me.




What is she saying?

‘… sharing a flat also sucks. You exchange fake smiles yet every other day you think: I hate you all…’


Take care,

Your visual flaneur

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