How to entertain a crowd on the streets



flaneur –  a person who walks the city in order to experience it

– Charles Baudelaire



I wasn’t the only one out on the streets today.

A large stretch of San Francisco’s Mission district was liberated from car traffic for the day. Only pedestrians and cyclists were allowed. That made quite a change to the urban experience.

On every other block small gatherings of folks indicated a performance of some kind. I especially  liked the break dancers, graffiti sprayers and a guy designing badges on his solar powered sewing machine. My personal highlight however was the combo on my drawing.

What better way to use your first floor living room, than as a stage to rock an audience on the street! The main performer was the guy on the left (hidden in the shadow) with his guitar and amplifier. He sang very well and I definitely enjoyed his mother’s day gig.  So did his friends, who supported him by chilling on the roof…




Keep exploring the urban jungle,

your visual flaneur



One thought on “How to entertain a crowd on the streets

  1. i am living vicariously through you…you paint a wonderful picture, not only with the brush…how I miss SF! Thanks for keeping it alive for me.

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