Vienna with San Franciscan Eyes (2/5) – jetlag and TV

Drawing on the street and all is exciting, but also indoors objects and events can catch the flaneur’s attention and prompt reflective action with the pen. In this vein the next panel of  Vienna with San Franciscan Eyes (2/5) is dedicated to a domestic pleasure. No, not the one you are thinking of.

In Vienna I stayed in a, depending on which side of the pond you are reading this, flat/apartment of family. As custom dictates it is equipped with a TV set. I, after having swiftly crossed nine timezones, was embraced by a solid jetlag. If you now put 1 and 1 together you’ll understand how I ended up watching TV at 4:30 in the morning. The painting comments on what sort of stuff one is exposed to at such times.


The careful observer will notice the crowned angel statue in the right hand corner. It leads over into the third panel of the visual adventure – to come next…


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