Vienna with San Franciscan Eyes (1/5) – Schiele, Fonts and Fiaker

First, a big thank you to everyone for submitting their comments and support for the visual flaneur’s endeavors. Please keep sending them!


Today I’d like to share the first (of five) part of the series ‘Vienna with San Franciscan eyes’, that originated from the 8 Feet of Vienna accordion notebook I posted earlier.


Vienna never fails to enchant me with its old world charm and and the gorgeous architecture mostly of days gone by. Somehow this city laughs in the face of change. I had not uncovered this resilience when I spent my years in college there, however now that I came back for a visit, I could not fail to notice. Just one lovely example: Neon and metal signs with idiosyncratic typefaces of the 50’s still identify small businesses, invite Fraeuleins to shop or instruct at governmental offices. I had never considered how special they were when I was surrounded by them all the time! If that’s the sort of thing you are interested in check out this book.

Between such musings on the roadside I payed visits to mausoleums of art – museums. Especially the figures of Egon Schiele in the MUMOK left a lasting impression on me and I copied one of his expressionistic paintings . In front of the museum Leopold I quickly sketched a  Fiaker – the famous horse drawn carriages now mainly catering to tourists looking for a ‘local’ way of exploring the city.



All those observations made their way into the first part of Vienna with San Franciscan eyes (1/5):





In case you are interested in the ‘how to’:

I scanned the relevant pages from my notebook, removed some elements in Photoshop and made sure that the five pieces would have a coherent design yet could be free standing as well. I printed them onto Arches hot pressed Watercolor paper and allowed myself only a limited palette of Quinacridine Gold, Winsor Yellow, Indanthrene Blue and Brown Madder Watercolors to keep the pieces united. In the end I went over some lines with Indian Ink.



6 thoughts on “Vienna with San Franciscan Eyes (1/5) – Schiele, Fonts and Fiaker

  1. Very interesting piece. I love the work of Klimt and Schiele. I was in awe when I visited the Albertina in Vienna and saw the work of Egon Schiele for the first time. What talent, rawness and emotion! Nicely done.

  2. Bin ein grosser schiele und noch mehr Wien fan. weiss genau, was du meinst mit “damals underappreciated”. Mein Herz tut weh, wenn ich dein Werk anschau. Wienweh. Deine farbwahl ist beautiful. Keep on posting… Will mehr.

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