mission… accomplished

Mission ... accomplished

One Saturday morning, a couple of weeks back, I decided to go for a walk.

It ended  on top of one of the many hills of San Francisco – Bernal Heights. I found myself a nice spot with a view of the Mission district and started to put down the shapes of the houses with ink. Most of the time I was all by myself with the lovely sun in my back and the smell of fresh spring in the air. Occasionally some runners passed by on the little footpath in the foreground and once a family climbed up the steep side of the hill. They inspired me to put in the figures on the left and right.

After a couple of hours I felt exhausted and decided to put in some watercolors later at home…


2 thoughts on “mission… accomplished

  1. This one makes me smile. I really like the colors! And I do remember people struggling to get up and down the hill in Bernal Heights :).

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